Catcalling, the ultimate embarrassment.

Walking past a number of boda boda riders, the young lady is called out, ‘nyabo siba zip yo.’ Loosely translated, ‘ madam fasten yo zipper.’

As she looks down , embarrassed, she notices that actually it’s fastened but it was another way of calling attention to her private parts and immediately she looks there, she’s bombarded with all sorts of indescent comments.

She looks away, hurries past them and her frantic rush to get away from them she knocks her self and injures her toe.

She’s in pain and starts to limp away but so embarrassed to even come back and ask one to ride her to her destination but rather goes to a safe distance and flags down a speeding boda boda to carry her to her destination.

Even this boda boda rider gives her indecent comments but at least he is alone so he is much bearable than a number of them. Her silence and ignoring the rude comments puts this rider in his place.

This is just one instance among the many that unfold every day right under our noses.

Suffice to note is that most of these perpetrators are men with mothers, sisters, aunties, daughters as well as wives.

The ladies and girls who undergo such treatment usually brush it off and the men who witness such sadly never do anything about it. But has anyone ever stopped to think what this does to the young girls?!

This is referred to as catcalling. It is another form of sexual assault to the women.

It affects women in a number of ways but the most common ones include timidity, low self esteem and psychological torture.

There is really nothing much to show as all these never leave visible wounds or scars but rather an indelible invisible scar all their lives.Am pretty sure each one of us would love to be treated with respect. This is an appeal to all of us especially the men, our brothers, fathers and husbands. Let us boldly speak out against this vice and condemn it worldwide. I pray that one day I will see biting laws against this indecent act against women.

I dream of a world peaceful and respectful to the girl child.

I can’t breathe

“I can’t breathe.” The words came out as a plea, begging for his dear life to be spared but alas! The plea fell on deaf ears and slowly with a police officer’s knee on his neck,hand cuffed and down to the ground, life was stifled out of him.

What a tragedy!!

How be it that life seems to be so cheap and useless yet actually it is very fragile , costly and precious !I cannot fail to shed a tear as I bemoan what has befallen humanity! Where is the love, where is the respect for human life?!

Much as this horrid event happened a million miles a way from my motherland, am awakened to the fact that sadly this is a norm for many , the world over.

Bringing it close to my homeland, many are incarcerated for crimes they never committed.

Many are maimed and impaired if they’re lucky to live to see the lights of day. Many wives are widowed in an instant and children orphaned in a flash because of careless irresponsible actions of people in positions of power and influence.

For this matter, everyday an orphan’s stifled education and future cries out, ‘I can’t breathe.’ A widows suffocated and bleak future pleads I can’t breathe.

To our shame we turn a deaf ear to the pleas and stifle out the education and a bright future, alternating life destinies forever,how sad!

The time has come and the time is now for humanity to rise up, stand as one and value life and humanity.

Let us learn to love and respect others. Let us treat each other with dignity. All lives matter. The psalmist put it well that we are all uniquely , beautifully and wonderfully made. So all of us are important yet equal before our creator.

Let us use our positions of power and influence to love , respect and dignify humanity and forever silence the ‘ I can’t breathe” plea.

Down but not out

Belly down, face down. Down rock bottom.

Kicked about, spat on and trampled on by life’s cares and burdens, yet will I rise.

Fist clinched, gnashing teeth, crackling ribs, I rise up for His joy is my strength.

When already down, only up can I rise with His able hand helping me up.

I may stumble and fall again along life’s rugged path. I may crack under pressure and lay low again.

Seven times I rise again not submitting to fear and defeat, dropping not my confidence. He is mighty to save.

I may be down now but definitely not out so gloat not over me mine enemy- celebrate not!

I am down but not out!


Happy birthday little sister.

As the early sun rays cut through my bedroom windows illuminating the room with the light and warmth of a new dawn,l begrudgingly step away from my reading table to draw the curtains and let in more light. As I go about the curtains, a feeling of excitement engulfs me,for a minute or two, am lost in my thoughts wondering why I have this sudden excitement.It dawns on me that today is 30th April and it is my little sister’s birthday!!

Oh a blessed happy birthday my dear Jackie.

Nothing will stop me from celebrating your birthday. Not even the lockdown amidst the COVID pandemic.

Well, she’s my little sister but she’s not little anymore.she is now a wife and a mother, yes a mother of three adorable little souls already but to me she will always be my little sister.Her small stature doesn’t help matters at all as she can easily pass for a high school student.


Jackie and I have a special bond that goes beyond being blood sisters. She comes eight years after me but we have this striking resemblance that we used to pass for twins until I gained a little weight.

Jackie has always been my living play doll from the day mum brought her home from hospital. I have always acted ‘mum’ to her to even levels of ‘disciplining’ to the chagrin of our dear parents who always thought otherwise of my ‘ disciplining’. Surprisingly my little sister always obeyed me(May be out of fear). Get me right, our parents were and are still actively involved in our lives.

I have seen Jackie grow, evolve and transform into this amazing ,beautiful,loving , responsible wife and mother. I still care about her and worry about her like a mother worries for her children.

Me and Jackie

A very memorable day for me was when she gave birth to her first baby, I kept resisting the urge of taking away her baby because in my head she was a child who couldn’t take care of her own baby even when she had the support of her husband and the entire family!

If there’s any one teaching me blind faith, it’s Jackie. This young lady will believe for dry bones to come to life and until she sees that, she won’t stop believing.

Her heart is curved out of gold, going out of her way always to meet the needs of others. A very loyal and dependable friend. Very ambitious but also very hard working. The phrase ‘ work hard, party hard,’ goes well with her.Scientific celebrations are just not her thing!! Her sense of humor and angelic smile automatically wins her a spot on the table of the best comedians in town

However , don’t be fooled by the petit body and sweet smile. Jackie is such a tough skin, she is such a strict disciplinarian who takes no nonsense.

What better way to celebrate your birthday little sister than letting the world celebrate with you through this blog!!!

A Happy blessed birthday dear Jackie.

Pick up your mat and walk.

“And Jesus said to him, take up your bed and walk.” John 5:8 KJV.

A story is told of a man who was crippled and Could not walk .He was carried and put at a place where he believed that he would get his healing- the pool of Bethesda. It was a known fact that at given time intervals, the angel of God would come and trouble the waters and whoever got into this pool first after the troubling would be instantly healed. It seems like this was a race for the swift.

For 38 years, yes 38 years this man laid by the poolside waiting on his luck to be the first in the pool after the stirring. One may think that may be this man was just lazy….how an earth can one spend 38 years stuck at a given place in a given condition yet the solution is available?!

Well this happens all the time to us today in this age and we seem not to even notice.It could be an addiction,a weakness, a situation and some how with all possible solutions available, one is stuck there Day in , day out.On this particular day ,the master- Jesus, happened to pass by and asked the crippled man if he really wanted to be healed. The same question that the savior is posing to us in whatever kind of situation. “Do you want to be healed of the drinking addiction,adultery,hopelessness,abject poverty?” The master asks!

“Sir, I have no one to put me into the pool. When the water is stirred up, but another steps down into the pool before me” the crippled man replied.

I can’t stop wondering how many times we have blamed others for our situations as well as give valid genuine reasons as to why we’re stuck where we are.

“Rise , take your bed and walk” Jesus answered the man and instantly he was healed and he got his mat and walked.

No Matter the circumstances or the reason,when the master appears, He only speaks and every thing gets into alignment.

The crippled walk, the deaf hear, the mute speak , mountains are flattened.

Whatever rut you’re stuck in,the master is here saying “ Pick up your mat and walk”

Pick up your mat and walk

Take back my pen

“The story of your life is written everyday whether you participate or not” -Moses Mukisa.

The phrase gave me a very rude awakening as one awakened from a slumber on a cold morning with a splash of cold water onto the face”

“How can this even be possible?” I muttered to myself.

As he went on explaining, I got lost in my thoughts oblivious to the fact that this was the very first session and I needed to pay full attention to all the instructions lest I missed out on something very important.

See;as the year 2019 was drawing its curtains, I sat down to audit my life. Suffice to note is the fact that 2019 ushered me into a new decade of my life and rendered me a spot on the forth floor-not a mean feat if you asked me.

The thought of the many years I had now accumulated coupled with the responsibility sent me into a mode of panic as well as anxiety. I started analyzing my life in all aspects and hence this called for an honest personal audit. The yardsticks I used on myself gave me alarming results!

By all standards, I needed a ‘life saving drip’.All my results didn’t reflect the person I am or thought I was. Actually I didn’t have results at all but could eloquently explain my circumstances.

My life had derailed several years back yet I was so blind to the obvious!scary as it was, it was my reality.something had to be done to put me back on track immediately.

Being the Christian that I am,I took my anxiety to God in prayer and talked to a few friends here and there.I started combing the web looking for answers and help and in my frantic search I land on this link for Harvest institute intake. When I asked someone I trusted about it, they encouraged me to take it on . Uhm God must be in this, I thought to myself!

I purposed to join after seeing the prospectus,trusting God to provide for me everything I needed for this project! God never makes mistakes, He amazes me all the time. Here i was in the very first session and He was giving me the cure … the life saving drip through this facilitator!!!

In my wandering mind, I recalled most of the instances where I handed over my pen to others to write my life story much to my chagrin. A quick scripture ran through my mind,“……He will restore what the Locust and cankerworm….”

The scripture eased my anger and pain but gave me a new strength and resolve. I muttered to my self, “this is my story, no one else can hold the pen.”

With this statement,I resolved to take a front seat in my life and to write my life story the way I want it read. The journey I embarked on is not easy I presume but who wants easy anyway?!Give me possible all the time.

The round of applause for the facilitator and the murmur after the announcement of the 10- minutes break stirred me back to the reality of the session. I resolved to Take back my pen so can you!